Korean movie 2010: He’s on Duty [Bangga?Banga!]

Saa~ mimashou_^^!


A South Korean man named Bang tae Sik looks more like someone from Southeast Asia and has difficulties finding employment. One day, Bang Tae-Sik disguised himself as a man from the country of Bhutan named “Bangga” and succeeds in finding job. Bak Tae-Sik then witnesses racism that migrant workers face in Korea.(http://asianmediawiki.com/He’s_On_Duty)


–  Title movie: He’s on Duty

– Hangul: 방가?방가!

– Director: Yook Sang-Hyo

– Writer: Yook Sang-Hyo

– Producer: Kim Bok-Geun, Lee Si-Young

– Release: 30-09-2010

– Length: 110 min.


Link download movie with english sub: http://www.dramadownload.net/korean-movies/banga-banga.html

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